Mt Baldy here we come!


WHEN: We are planning to snowshoe at Mt Baldy on Sunday, January 24th.

MEET: at Manker Flats (6000 elevation) at 10am sharp. We will snowshoe to the Notch at 7800 ft

EQUIPM: Snowshoes can be rented at Adventure 16 in the West LA or the SF Valley store for $14

DISTANCE: About 6 miles round trip



Carry tire chains as the snow conditions will require that.

Carpool if at all possible

Call either John M 818-961-7380 or Tzvetka at 818-634-1353 for emergency at the mountain

Dress warmly for freezing cold (gloves, jacket, etc), and bring a backpack to carry extra clothing

Carry some cash for hot food/drinks at the Notch Restaurant

You are responsible for your own safety at all times, be careful and use common sense.

 Need to buy an Adventure Pass for each car – cost $5 at Sporting goods stores , or at Baldy Village