Trippet Ranch
June 9, 2018

This is an early head’s up for the Graduation Run, the last run before Summer. It’s a potluck with yummy food and drinks, awards, and diplomas for new Goats, so mark your calendars.

Here’s what to do:

1. Go to and put down your name, whether you’re graduating or not (if this is your first year, you are and will get a diploma!), your age group (this is for handicapping the start and not to embarrass you) and what you’re willing to bring for potluck.

2. Show up for the run. The gate opens at 8:00, and the start will be staggered by age group.

3. Stick around for the awards and food.

To get there take Pacific Coast Highway north from Santa Monica for 6 miles, turn right on Topanga Canyon Road for 5 miles, then right on Estrada for about a mile, either turn left and park in the lot for $10, or along the road for nothing.

But remember, this is still a few weeks away and we still have some regular Saturday runs left for you to tune up!

Dr Mikey

p.s. Kudos to Mark H. for engineering the signup sheet.