February 24, 2018



This week we’re running at Queensferry (AKA Sullivan Cyn).  Start at 7:30 a.m. (but get there early), go out for 70 minutes then turn around. Unleashed dogs are OK on this trail

Take Mandeville north from Sunset (2.4 mi. west of the 405).

First left onto Westridge, then 1.1 mi. to Bayliss.

Left on Bayliss, park near or on Queensferry but watch the signs.

And please use your inside voice at the start. Last time here homeowner came out and asked us to keep it down, and he was a really nice, reasonable guy. Let’s stay on his good side!

Drinks this week by Shari D.

Remember that you can sign up for drinks duty at http://goo.gl/r35Bf7

Dr Mikey


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