This week's Run


August 15th,2020


Santa Ynez Trailhead!!  This Saturday!
Start time :  7:30am
Continue social distancing and mask.  Stay safe , enjoy the views and watch out for poison oak

To get to the trailhead: From PCH, take Sunset Boulevard inland for half a mile. Turn left onto Palisades Drive and head north for 2.4 miles. Turn left onto Vereda de la Montura, and park on either side of the street in the permitted areas. The trail begins on the right side of the street at the bottom of the hill (before the private neighborhood gates.)

The basic directions to Eagle Rock are:
Park along Vereda de la Montura and begin up Santa Ynez Canyon Trail (0 miles)
Turn left at junction with Santa Ynez Falls Trail (0.6 miles)
Stay right through two small junctions (2.05 miles)
Turn right on Eagle Springs Fire Road (2.15 miles)
Reach Eagle Junction and turn left up Eagle Rock Fire Road (3.2 miles)
Summit Eagle Rock (3.7 miles) and back track

WANT MORE? To extend the hike to another summit, continue east from Eagle Rock on Eagle Rock Fire Road for 0.7 miles to Hub Junction. Head south on Temescal Ridge Trail for half a mile, make a left up the Backbone Trail and another left up a single track to reach the 2,126-foot top of Temescal Peak, 1.4 miles from Eagle Rock. Return to Hub Junction and take Eagle Springs Fire Road west for 1.3 miles to reach Eagle Junction at the other end of Eagle Rock Fire Road. This 3.4-mile extension will add a second summit and a loop to your hike to Eagle Rock, bringing the total distance to 10.3 miles.

Goat Hard or Goat Home!

Be sure to bring plenty of hydration and your own snacks!!