Santa Monica Mountain Goats

May 27th, 8am, Top of Reseda
Join your fellow runners/hikers on the Valley Crest Half Marathon course. The actual race is June 11th at 8am, but here's your chance to plan your strategy and preview the course, or simply come out for an easy hike/jog with lovely scenery. This location is all fire road so mountain bikes, strollers, and dogs on leashes are welcome.

Go to Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park.
8:00 is run time; arrive early to meet-and-greet.

3600 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, CA.

~ The park is approximately 4-miles from the 101 at the south most end of Reseda Blvd.

~ Enter the park and parallel park curbside BELOW THE LINE painted in the street (free parking). Parking above the line is by fee only.

~ Meet in the street, below the yellow line, at approx. 7:45AM.

~ Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables exposed.

~ Please NOTE THE 2-WAY PHOTO ENFORCED STOP SIGN inside the park; no rolling stops.

1.5 liters of water and/or electrolytes
200 calorie energy snack for each hour on the trail
a great attitude
snack to share after run

· There is no run leader and there are no course markings.
· You are running/hiking at your own risk. The Santa Monica Mountain Goats and Trail Run Events, LLC assume no liability for your safety during these runs/hikes. Lost or injured folks may require Search & Rescue to evacuate from the training course and the hiker/runner assumes full financial responsibility for rescue.

· Option #1 – Go up to Mulholland fire road and turn right (going west); run approx. 3.5 miles to the west end turn-around at Alhama Drive (street sign on your right); return the same way (approx. 7 miles).

· Option #2 – Go up to Mulholland fire road and turn left (going east); run approx. 3.0 miles to the east end turn0around at San Vicente fire gate; return the same way (approx. 6-miles).

· Option #3 – Run both of the above options for 13.1 miles.

· NOTE: Pay attention to the junction at the top of Reseda at Mulholland fire road. You need to be sure you recognize this hub to get back to the parking, otherwise you might miss it and get bonus miles. Note: there is a newly installed information board at the Reseda/Mulholland hub.

- Click HERE to register for the half marathon on June 11th! Or perhaps be a volunteer for this event and cheer for your friends!

- Don't forget the Grad Run is June 3rd. If you are a new member (meaning you've showed up a few times between October and now), please be sure to attend. There will be a little jog, a lot of food, and some awards!

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