This Week's Run

                                                         January 16, 2021


Cheers Goat Herd ,

This week's run is at  Bienvenida !   Practice social distancing , wear a mask and get a mask!

We will meet at 7:15 for a 7:30 start time, feel free to start earlier or later, so we can keep to individual starts , same household groups and continue to social distance ourselves.

Stay safe 

Running isn't closed

From Santa Monica, take PCH and turn right on Temescal Canyon road. Go 1.1 miles to the end of Sunset. Go .6 miles and turn right on Bienvenida. Go for a mile and look for a signed entrance to Topanga state park, JUST before the gated community. Park on the corner of Floresta and Bienvenida.

From Sunset take Bienvenida and follow till it ends just at the gated community. Park and run

Please maintain social distancing and be sure wear a mask.  

The adventure is out there!

See you there